People Say
The Nicest Things...    

People Say
The Nicest Things...
"A Real Privilege"
"Most Genuine & Caring"
"I have had the most useful and encouraging session with Ali today and am now ready to roll with the next steps to building my business.  I would encourage everyone to do the same. Ali is the most approachable, caring and genuine person who really does want to see us all achieve our second bite of the cherry."

Tracey Bothamley
"Absolute Confidence In Her"
“Just by absolute luck did I discover Ali Miles-Jenkins via facebook. A dynamic sounding business coach looking for women over 50 interested in setting up a business. I was intrigued and emailed her straight away and arranged a phone call. This was a long call and it was quite clear I needed some help with marketing. She had also done her homework on me via the internet and I was fascinated by what she had found out. We had an immediate connection and she had experience in marketing in the dental world already. She gave me much advice and it was clear she had great expertise in the world of marketing that I could benefit from. I had followed her posts closely on facebook too. So, with Ali’s years of marketing experience that ironically matched my years of dental experience I knew the two of us could work well together. I am inspired by her enthusiasm and her absolute confidence in her strategy whatever the business. She has a strong clear marketing approach and comprehensive plan that can be applied to any business. I now begin my marketing journey, a whole new world. 51 years of age, I have still much to give so here goes…..exciting times.”

Yvonne Wood
"Been Following Your Success"
“I remember when you came into my office 25 years ago and told me the name of the business you were planning to launch. I have been following your success. You have done so incredibly well. You must be very proud.”

M Bailey, Former HR Director and boss.
"The Ultimate Professional"
“Ali is the ultimate professional”

P Johnstone, HR Professional
"The Ultimate Professional"
"Ali provides a superb service., I would have no hesitation in recommending Ali to anyone – using her is a serious investment tool and expenditure that you would be wise to make." 

Clair O’Neill, Barrister
"A Star!"
"Meeting you was brilliant. You’re a star. I can see why you have achieved so much. You are really are an inspiration.” 

 Grace Chatten, HR
“You have made me think differently about my business. Especially how much I charge my clients. I will be putting together different types of Consultancy for new clients making 1-2-1’s a premium package. I feel I’m good at what I do and definitely deserve to earn more. I will keep you updated on how I’m getting along.   Thanks again. 
You have been an inspiration.”

Ann Barkas Business Consultant
"I'm Now Very Excited To Launch"
“The course has been a very useful thought-provoking process. It has made me realise how essential the basics of marketing are for my business. I particularly found the pricing structure, online programme options and the importance of copy very useful. Your feedback helped me refine my original ideas and I’m now very excited to launch my fresh new business. Thank you so much.”

Cherylynn Offersen-Christensen
"Experienced Business Mentor"
"Ali is a very professional and experienced business mentor, with a wide clientele as a result. She is very friendly and easy to deal with, and I have no hesitation in recommending her." 

Lesley Long
"An Inspiration"
"I'm building a life that fits me and it's so exciting.  Thanks so much for your advice Ali, you are an inspiration."

Catherine Cushion
"Positivity & Drive"
"Love this Ali ..finally for me I believe !! Thanks for all your positivity and drive. Also I feel it's good to be in a supportive environment with like-minded women." 

Jan Adams ."
"Continually Use Your Advice"
“Your words still ring true”

Jane Hadley, Owner, Hadley's Dairies
"Really Positive & Inspiring"
“A huge thank you Ali we had a really positive and inspiring call today."

Jane Morris-Brown
"Great Integrity"
"Ali is a highly professional and capable People Developer, who understands both the individual and strategic dynamics of performance. 

She is highly commercial and provides her clients with the best advice and services. Finally, she has great integrity."

Jo Ayoubi
"Simply Amazing"
“The last 3 days spent at BoomBiz have been simply amazing. I can thoroughly recommend this course. The time flew and I can’t believe how much I have learnt and how outdated my marketing knowledge was. This is the best business investment I have made.”

"So many lightbulb moments, so many excellent strategies to put into action and stick to, with the PASSPORT system, to ensure the success of my new business venture. Thank you."

Georgina King Smith

"It's Going To Change My Life!"

“The Discovery Day was amazing. I became more enthusiastic than ever about the prospect of setting up my own business as an HR Specialist. I found you so inspirational. 

Can’t wait to get started on the full 3 day programme. It’s going to change my life and give me the lifestyle I’ve been missing for so long.”

Carol Jane Evans  
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"You'll Definitely Be Successful"
"Ali's highly knowledgeable, she really knows her stuff inside out.  If you go through this and devote the time to implement you will definitely be successful in your business.  I have already recommended Ali's programme to others."

Elizabeth Macauley
"Now Mind Mapping My Strategy"
"I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation with you last Friday and have much to reflect on since. I found the session both enlightening and inspirational. I’m now in the process of mind mapping my strategy. Thanks so much.”

Christina Mann
"Recommended To Others"
"Thank you for everything. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot. I have already recommended you to a few people.” 

 Amanda Jane Webster
"Truly Inspirational"
"Thank you for a truly inspirational day.”

V Divani
'Really excited about the future' says Suzannah...
'Love her approach... transparent & generous' says Kathryn...
'Fantastic and valuable day out of my business' says Sara...
'Inspired and motivated into doing something' says Rachel...
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