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2018 Survey Results Reveal Must-Have Info
We surveyed 1,000 women over 50 who run their own businesses.  

Discover their greatest sales and marketing challenges and how you can overcome them. 
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"Ali is highly commercial and provides her clients with the best advice and services. Finally, she has great integrity."
"This report by Ali is an absolute must have whether you are thinking of starting a business or want to grow the one you have."
"Ali has an extremely detailed understanding of the areas covered in this report and I've found the information invaluable. "
"These survey results are gold dust!"
"I'll Pay For The Report, 
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Hot Off The Press Report:
  • 14 vital questions to women over 50 in business regarding their sales and marketing challenges.
  • This year's top challenges for women entrepreneurs aged 50 and above when setting up and growing their businesses.
  • The key reason why women find they cannot scale up their businesses.
  • Actions you can take right now to ensure you know exactly how to get a constant stream of customers and grow and extremely profitable business using the latest attraction marketing strategies.
  • The marketing activities women use and which ones they should focus on more.
  • The top hurdles which lead to low fee/price structures  
  • Why focus in the wrong areas can hamper growth and profits.
  • The three prime motivators behind women entreprenuers over 50 setting up businesses.
  • Why passion and the willingness to learn and develop skills will prevail!
  • The single greatest challenge you need to overcome.
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