Change A Word, Change A Mindset, Change Your Life!
Many of us are held back in life generally and in business because we have a real fear of failure.

My short blog today is awesome because I’m going to show you how substituting one word in your thinking can change your life.

Why do we have a fear of failure? You’re probably au fait with the concepts of parental, social and gender conditioning and the baggage of past experience and self-limiting beliefs we carry around with us daily.

Fear can inhibit our performance and therefore our lives – just think about the nervous presenter, who at best gets a dry mouth and gives a poor talk, at worst who goes off sick to avoid the experience completely. Or imagine the person who stays stuck in a rut at work because they fear the unknown of a new opportunity. On the personal front think about the person who lives on their own as a result of fearing rejection from potential partners.

A business owner’s inability to sell their products or services through fear of rejection or failure will have disastrous consequences. So will an inability to cope with and adapt to change through fear of the unknown. Crossing everything and hoping things will change but not wanting to take a risk and try something new, or make an investment of time or money because of fear of failure will only produce the very thing you are fearing. Sounds familiar?

But what I do what to share with you is something very powerful which produced a paradigm shift in my personal and business thinking.

How? I no longer think ‘failure’. I think ‘result’. For example if you try an approach with your marketing and selling and it doesn’t work or give you the return you were hoping for, this does not mean you have failed. If you are employed and your CV for that super new job doesn’t get you shortlisted; it simply means you have a result. Go back and revisit your CV and strategy.

In fact, what you have is not just a result is it? What you now have is information, feedback and experience that will help you shape a twist, a turn, or a new initiative entirely and may well bring you a different result with the returns you hoped for

. It can work like this: whatever you are trying that’s new, challenging, difficult, different, risky – call it what you will, imagine you are in a science laboratory. You are conducting an experiment. You put the ingredients together and see what happens. You get a result. If it’s the one you wanted, then rinse and repeat. If it isn’t, don’t take it personally. Tweak it and try again. 

Test, tailor, and tweak. You can apply this to almost anything. It makes it objective. Don’t take it personally. It’s just a result. Combine that with a determination not to be so dependent on affirmation and approval and you’ve got a great recipe for driving onward and upwards, reaching the success you want.

This mindset has helped me tremendously. Running my business, I’m in the laboratory. That’s it. Remember, Results, not failures. Remember, test, tailor, tweek. You’ll get to where you want to go.

I know this is going to help you. Let me know your stories!
Ali xx
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