The Hidden Benefits
When I first set up my expert business 26 years ago I was concerned about what an ‘expert’ should look like and although I had a degree and post grad qualifications I certainly didn’t have years and years of experience in the exact same role.

I didn’t have experience in all the sectors I was beginning to work in and was ‘unknown’ to most. My services weren’t all tried and tested either.

I just knew that what I trained people in worked and I wanted to share my skills and help as many people as I possibly could.

What I really wasn’t prepared for though just blew me away. It amazed me when I realised how helping people get what they want in life, in my case that involved helping them succeed in their jobs and careers, would actually change how I felt about myself, my confidence levels and my own quality of life too.

You know that I secured a very nice lifestyle and income as a result of what I was sharing and helping people with, BUT, more importantly the people I helped, coached and trained, and even their bosses opened up avenues of opportunity for me that I would never have been able to access otherwise.
Ali xx
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