Why I Love Washing My Hair
In this short blog I’m going to share with you why the considerable time I invest in washing my hair has everything to do with growing a successful business. I’ve never been a ‘wash and go’ kind of woman! 

 I just don’t have that kind of hair. I sometimes wish I did but I don’t. Even in my Uni days I spent a good couple of hours a day styling my curly perm - all going well ending up with a Farah Fawcett look (do you remember those days?). 

Styles may have changed but I’ve gone on, investing considerable time each day in front of the mirror armed with a battery of styling products. However I no longer blame nature or vanity for what could be considered an enormous waste of time. Here is why. 

Some of my best, no, my very best business ideas have occurred to me while washing and styling my hair! So I have recognised that this time is well invested. It’s my time, away from the office, the kids the dogs, the phone, the clients and even my brilliant and ever supportive husband. Distracted away from immediate pressures and demands of everyday work, I find I relax, fall into a reverie with brush and dyer in hand and as a result endless possibilities pop into my head. Effortlessly. 

The only challenging bit is juggling the dryer and my iPhone notes as I scramble to record the ideas. Sometimes the ideas don’t pan out. Sometimes I curse how my hair looks as a result of these interventions. But on balance I’ve extracted some of my best business ideas from my resulting iPhone notes with a metaphorical smudge or two of hair products. 

So I believe the best business ideas occur randomly when we are not specifically looking for them. They are less likely to emerge from a business planning or a mind-mapping session. They’ll occur to you when you least expect it when your mind is not on work or searching for your next business breakthrough.

  So when do your best ideas occur to you? 

How frequently can you put yourself in that position so you increase the chances of quality ideas that could transform your business and maybe even your life? 

When the ideas come naturally to you how do you capture them so they don’t disappear as quickly as they came? 

Because you don’t want them to disappear. After all the ideas for all my business ventures came to me while I was….you’ve guessed it….washing my hair!
Ali xx
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