The Day My Experience Let Me Down
How on earth did I end up like this? The thought hit me with such force I felt winded. I was sitting in a restaurant overlooking the Thames on a rainy day in 2010. My gloomy mood matched the weather outside, as I contemplated the horrendous thought of having to make my own daughter redundant.

I was so confused – how after 19 years of running a super successful business, earning a fantastic income, could it have come to this…such a sorry state of affairs?

Year after year my business had thrived, giving me a wonderful work/life balance, working when and where I wanted, with time for the family, hobbies, holidays, earning more than I could ever have earnt if employed.

I had been blindly following the usual and accepted way of winning clients and business – use your contacts, do a fantastic job, get repeat business and benefit from word of mouth….only now to discover that this was a recipe for disaster…

I clearly remember saying to my mentor (by the way I’d never had or felt I needed a mentor before but as my daughter’s job in my business was now at stake due to the recession I’d decided I needed one):

“Yes, but what if I’d learnt about marketing and sought out more business but then didn’t have the capacity to deliver it?”

I can still hear his words of wisdom ringing in my ears.

“But Alison, wouldn’t that have been a wonderful problem to have?”

Those words reframed everything for me. I realised that day it was the beginning, not the end of my business life. 

I resolved to change my emphasis from being an expert consultant to becoming an expert in marketing.

I began to understand what being ‘on the business rather than in it’ really meant.

I set off on a journey to learn everything I could about how to stabilise and strengthen my business and how to fall in love with the latest key marketing and selling strategies for attracting and winning work, not just the doing of it.

Within months there was such a transformation. Our fees went up dramatically – in some cases by 400%. We refined what we stood for and who would benefit specifically from our services. We attracted high net worth individuals and businesses with money to invest in our expertise. We became sought-after, award winning, increased our fees in some cases by 400% and won world class clients without having to tender or have a sales team.

You can hear more about my journey and discover for yourself the secret steps I took specifically in my unique system that I put together: P.A.S.S.P.O.R.T. for success. So check out our Discovery Days, Webinars, Online Programmes and free resources to learn more and kickstart your own business or boost the one you have!
Ali xx
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