Considering Starting A Business?  Here are 12 key Questions Before Going Any Further
Lots of you are messaging me to say you are interested in setting up a business. Here are 12 of those all important questions to consider early on:

How much money do you need to replace/make in your first year?
What major life events are you expecting that you may need to fund (weddings, kids at Uni etc)
Do you want a hobby business?
Do you want a lifestyle business?
Do you want a business that can make you a lot of money over the next few years?

How much do you want to work a week?
How much time can you devote to work?
What other commitments do you need to consider?
What is your learning curve?

How willing are you to learn and develop business and marketing skills?
Do you want a bricks and mortar business?
How much are you willing to invest?

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