Who and What Is A BoomBoss?

The new you going forwards, after 50, with the desire and determination to make the most of the second bite of the cherry; the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to put aside doubts, fears, excuses, and at last become your own CEO, at work and play.

A BoomBoss is in control of her destiny, her schedule, priorities and lifestyle. She's her own boss, running her own business, using her life experience, expertise, knowledge and skills to help others and to remain financially independent.

A BoomBoss is a no BS action taker, who values her integrity, self worth and contribution. She's relevant, makes her mark, stands for something, with her own unique identity. She's doing something she was born to do, feeling vital, connected and valued.age of potential clients' spending power in the first part of 2017. 
Ali xx
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