Do You Think One Viral Video Could Lead To A Billion Dollars?
If you answered Yes, well you were right!  Unbelievable you may say ... well read on ....

5 years ago Michael Dublin was struggling with his new startup. He had a simple idea - to sell razors online for a dollar a month. After spending life savings and trying to get things going over 2 years the business hadn't really taken off. So he produced and released a video telling the story of in less than 2 minutes. The video went viral on Youtube with millions of views and 12,000 subscribers in its first two days. It has gone on to have more than 22 million views and Michael's business skyrocketed. That one video which cost $4,500 to make, led a group of Vcs investing $1million one month later in March 2012. The momentum contined and Univlever annnounced they were buying Michael's company for $1 billion a few years later!

Go on BoomBosses, get your phone or camera out right now!
Ali xx
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