Why Now Is The Time To Plant A Tree
My Sunday Morning Musing!

I was choosing from the array of minature Tiptree Jams this morning during breakfast (a lovely Christmas Present). Looking out into the garden I noticed several signs of Spring despite the weather and it got me thinking of the word 'Flourish'. So my Sunday Blog is about what helps us to flourish. Positive emotions, a clear sense of purpose, values and achievement, engagement with what I am doing and with the women I am supporting do it for me. Oh, along with a healthy dose of resilience, tenacity and vitality! Most of all though, to flourish I need to be permitted constantly to play to my strengths and to be ME. I was recently asked by a great client if I had a ‘mini me’! But that wouldn’t really work, would it?

I don’t know about you, but I also see in myself an insecurity – revealed by the need to always do better. My husband recognises this and attributes it to my parental scripting (sorry, Dad!) I find myself becoming a ‘wannabe’.

I am, if I am not careful, constantly on the lookout for further revelations: how to be an even better Mum, how to keep the house even more tidy, how to have more time to walk the four Jack Russells, and ride my horse Harvey, how to increase my turnover, how to get my websites higher on Google, how to get a higher profile with social media, how to tweet more interesting tweets…….etc etc etc. It is so exhausting! If I am not careful it will sap my energies and I will fail. The learning point is this: to flourish, we need like most things in life, to ensure a balance, an equilibrium. I can see that in our garden. It’s much harder though, isn’t it, to get it right for ourselves?

I work constantly with women over 50, as well as some of my favourite corporate clients I've decided to retain, to help them flourish and achieve. But development is not just about striving for more, addressing our weaknesses and acquiring new skills. It is also about truly identifying, honing and building on our existing strengths, and a celebration of individuality. I think this is hugely important for us Women over 50, don't you?

This focus builds confidence, positive thoughts, a feel good factor, self-esteem and a respect for others too. Its effect can be infectious, radiating out to others. The release of positive energy, vibrancy and confidence can be exhilarating to experience. Conformity can only go so far.

So, building on strengths is a fantastic strategy for both the personal and the corporate self-improvement agenda.

To go back to our gardening analogy, consider this Chinese proverb:

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now”.
Ali xx
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