Did You Know This About Facebook Advertising...?
Facebook now has 2 Billion daily active users with 20 minutes being the average time spent on the platform.

I’m sure a lot of Facebook's users would be shocked if they knew how much Facebook knew about them - yes Facebook really is big brother.

Why not harness that power? All of that amazing data is at the fingertips of businesses and marketers that fully understand how to use the platform to engage and convert Facebook users.

Here’s three powerful ways to target your ideal customers:

FB Targeting:
Facebook has a vast range of targeting options that are categorised into Demographics, Interests, Behaviours and Third Party Sources

Custom Audience:
Have a customer list or a prospect list? Simply upload it into Facebook and they’ll match your data to profiles. You can now run specific ad campaigns only to your data. Once you have the Facebook pixel installed on your web pages, Facebook can create custom audiences of your web traffic ready for you to retarget.

Lookalike Audience:
Based on your custom audiences you can tell Facebook to go and find more people that are similar to your website traffic or email list. This allows better accuracy versus trying to choose targeting options as you normally have to do a lot of testing to find the winning audiences.

Charles Darwin once said:ptions work for both B2B and B2C .

Facebook should be at the heart of your online strategy for 2018.

As Charles Darwin once said:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

It’s time to adapt and start utilising this amazing advertising platform if you’re not already.  Interested in Facebook Advertising services?  Call now on 07739791242 or email me alison@theboombiz.com

Ali xx
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