The Big Shift In Business And Why It Could Affect YOU!
Our amazing online world has contributed significantly to the way we market and sell our products and services. This worked wonders for the early adopters, but now things are changing and understanding and successfully applying the latest marketing and selling techniques are becoming much more challenging necessities of running a successful business.

However, without the right knowledge and skills, many new and current business owners think of these marketing technqiues as unnecessary evils, because they don’t understand how to do either marketing or selling effectively.

Worse case scenario they do their best to avoid both marketing and selling and rely on their contacts and network. Success with solely that approach is unlikely to sustain your business going forwards. At best you will find yourself trapped, kidding yourself that you are running a business when really, instead of being employed by one organization as you may previously have been, you end up being ‘employed’ by several others.

This leads to the scenario that in marketing terms we call being constantly in your business (delivering) rather than on your business (doing the marketing and selling).

As you will have discover if you follow this strategy you risk burn out and lack of leads, prospects and clients. You could be left in a vulnerable position.

So you absolutely need to be on your business for a reasonable percentage of your time. You need to be up to speed with marketing. Ideally, you need to fall in love with it, as I have done.

If you don’t understand marketing, chances are any attempts to dabble with it are unlikely to bring consistently good results and a profitable return.

As it's a cold, unusually snowy February morning that I'm writing this blog it's a good time to mention that I've always found that the first few months of every year are buoyant for business, especially if you are aiming at corporates and organisations as clients as opposed to individual consumers who may be recovering still from Christmas.  

There's often money left over in the budget which needs to be spent and everyone is awash with bright ideas, enthusiasm and plans for the year ahead. In other words that's when people need you the most.

So what better time than now to start thinking about how to progress that business idea that's been floating around in the back of your mind for ages?

Or perhaps you've got to the New Year and look back and realise that you need to make changes to your life, your work, your finances. Or maybe even all 3.

Just imagine that there was a way you could start progressing some awesome plans for a new business and even a new life ahead so that you could be up and running to take advantage of potential clients' spending power in the first part of 2018. 

How awesome would that be?   Need help?

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Ali xx
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