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If you are considering starting or growing your own business this is a must read blog.

Our amazing online world has contributed significantly to the way we market and sell our products and services. This worked wonders for the early adopters who were online and ahead of the game years ago.

However, now things are changing and understanding and successfully applying the latest marketing and selling techniques are becoming much more challenging necessities of running a successful business, online or offline.

Your business will be competing in an environment where, unless you know exactly how to cut through the fog to grab attention and get your message across, it becomes vulnerable.  

Our secret weapon is our attraction marketing formula to make sure you not only get customers now but you create customers for life. Apart from the many other benefits, this will increase the lifetime value of your customer tremendously and ultimately increase your profits, because there is a direct correlation between the lifetime customer value and the amount of money you will be prepared to invest to secure them.

It all starts with the relationship and not the initial sale. Think giving before taking. Your marketing messages don’t want to be all about “buy my stuff” because 95% of people aren’t even ready to “buy your stuff” at the moment they see those messages and before you know it they’re gone forever and they’re not coming back.

So against this highly competitive and challenging backdrop, can you imagine what it would mean to you to receive a never ending supply of leads and potential customers every day? How would that affect the success of your business?

Whilst the success of your business will rely on the never ending inward flow of leads and sales the initial hurdle to overcome is to first attract and capture a lead. The way that you do that is through a lead magnet that gets your prospects to put their hand up and say “yes I’m interested in what you have to offer”.

It’s amazing because all of a sudden the relationship changes in your favour from that moment on. They’ve expressed interest in what you do and if you provide value through your lead magnet they’ll be more open to your sales message.

If they don’t buy from you right away don’t panic: you still have something that’s like gold dust. You have a lead that you can follow up, through as many different offers as you like and you can continue to build and nurture the relationship. Your list of leads and customers that you continually attract and build will be an asset in your business that will ultimately give you the ability to create income at will. 

This applies to any type of business. As long as you are a business owner, here is your continual challenge and goal: To attract leads, build a relationship, convert leads into customers for life and create income at will.

If you are either an existing business owner or you are seriously considering starting a business and want to use the best marketing strategies from the get go, you’ll want to watch out for our emails telling you more about our attraction marketing formula and how to learn and apply it.
Ali xx
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