Why Lifelong Learning Helps You Stay Young
I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a passion for learning. I confess I was a swot at school and loved the academic side of my time at University.  

However, it was only very recently when my youngest daughter Frankie, whilst studying clinical psychology at Uni, informed me that Psychologists Carl Jung and Erik Erikson knew something really important:

A passion for self-discovery is part of how successful older adults (that includes us Baby Boomers born 1946 – 64) fill out their years. 

I love the emphasis on successful. It got me really excited when I discovered this because it goes hand in glove with all of you out there who either want to start your very own business or who have already done so and who are determined to grow it.

Starting, running and growing a business is certainly a voyage of discovery, learning, challenge and opportunity. I really do believe that being in business for 28 years has kept me young, despite the odd bad day.

As waves of boomers step out of corporate and working life, with better health and higher education, and sometimes higher disposable finances, we can expect an even greater interest in continuing education and business development.

Research in the USA has shown that believe it or not, we find learning a more exciting way to send our time than shopping or lying on a beach! We are people who care as much if not more about what is on the inside than what is on the outside.

Having devoted 30 years of my career to the people development industry I also know that learning is such fun, especially when it is shared with great people.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m building this interactive, social, collaborative and unique resource ‘Boom Biz’. I’ve been amazed by the response, and by the number of baby boomers joining my programmes to help them build their own businesses too.

One of my coachees on my “6 weeks to Expert Success” Business Start Up Programme said to me on my coaching call just now. “You are so current!” 

 I really hope you continue to read my blogs and if you are on my email list, please add me to your contacts so I don’t get caught by your email spam filter.  

Oh, and by the way if you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you start or grow your business you can pop me an email: Alison@theboombiz.com

If you want to join others already on the “6 weeks to Expert Success” Business Start Up Programme and get some great learning about business and marketing, email me or call me on 0845 165 6269 and we can have a chat.

Hope you are having a good week.

Bye for now
Ali xx
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